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Beyond our capabilities in tablet compression tooling we have confidently expanded our manufacturing capabilities into the area of hot forge tooling. Today we are proven suppliers to forging operations utilizing Hatebur®, AMP-20, AMP 30, AMP-40, AMP-50, and AMP-70 forging lines. Our ability to hold tolerances of 0.00005 inch (.0013mm), our quality assurance programs, and innovative on-time delivery programs make us a reliable business partner to high-volume forging operations.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Surface Grinding
  • CNC Wire EDM (submerged and hi-pressure flush)
  • CNC and Manual Turning (hard turning)
  • CNC and Manual Milling
  • Vacuum Heat Treat and Tempering
  • ISO-9001 Certified
  • Centerless Infeed Grinding (4 inch dia. X 6 inch long)
  • CNC O.D. Grinding
  • O.D. Grinding to 10 inch dia. X 16 inch long
  • I.D. Grinding
  • Vertical Internal Honing to 9 inch dia.
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