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Scheu and Kniss, Louisville Kentucky, Elizabeth Companies
Elizabeth Scheu & Kniss has perfected tablet press turret design and production processes to ensure you receive a turret that provides lasting quality and the best punch and die alignment.

Scheu & Kniss pioneered the design and installation of the hardened die table wear plate. This popular option can be installed on new turrets as well as most existing turrets and can be manufactured from many different materials to fit your application. It is a preferred option for those compressing highly abrasive materials and in most cases can be replaced without the purchase of a new die table.

Elizabeth can manufacture your turret from many different steels and alloys including: Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, and others. We can apply specialized coatings to enhance finish, corrosion resistance and wear characteristics based on the individual products that you may compress. Our staff will work with you to recommend the materials and coatings to fit your application.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Elizabeth totally inspects all new turrets using CMM technology. Our environmentally controlled QC Lab has been established to insure that every turret you receive from Elizabeth is the best of the best. QC documentation is provided for every new turret. No other turret manufacturer ensures your complete satisfaction like Elizabeth.

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