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The Hata CVX range of interchangeable turret tablet press is extended by virtue of both bi-layer and tri-layer capabilities on the same press. A patented sealed feed frame system, which includes special vacuum ports in front of each feed shoe, eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and ensures ultra-clean tablet layer demarcation. CVX multi-layer presses can quickly be converted between single, bi-layer, and tri-layer configurations without sacrifice to product speed and tablet quality.


  • Bi-Layer and Tri-layer press models available
  • Double-sided machine for high volume large-scale production with Bi-Layer capability
  • Meets the demands of high performance production efficiency
  • User-friendly production operation
  • Quick dis-connect components for ease of dis-assembly and cleaning to allow for reduced down-time during large scale production runs
  • Turret options available for various product sizes


For more detailed information, download the CVX Multi-Layer Tablet Press product brochure

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