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The Elizabeth Companies are well known throughout the industry as a leader for precision grinding and machining of steel, carbide, and ceramic compacting tooling. Along with tooling for powder metal or ceramic components, we also provide compression tools to a wide range of diverse companies and applications. From batteries and catalysts, to sanitizers and nuclear fuels, industry leaders choose Elizabeth when there is no substitute for quality.
We specialize in compression tooling for irregular shapes. Intricate face forms on punches are commonplace for our experienced craftsmen. Tolerances of .0001 inch can be held on most tooling. Complicated shape punches can be fit to mating dies with a total clearance of .0002 inch if needed.
Extrusion dies, Draw dies, multiple cavity dies and shape core rods are manufactured to the same strict quality standards as our precision compacting dies.
Damaged punches can be re-faced or re-tipped while still controlling an exact fit to existing dies. Dies can be re-lined and still match the punches originally manufactured for the dies. We can modify your tooling to meet changing engineering or design requirements.
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