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The Hata rotary tablet press and tablet press feeders have earned a well deserved record of excellence and performance in a wide range of industries. The Hata tablet press is successfully deployed in the pharmaceutical, food and confectionery, battery, chemical, ceramic and powdered metal industries. The strength of the Hata tablet press lies in its pioneering two-stage feeding system, ease of use and maintenance as well as its unequaled support services. When all else fails,you can depend upon your Hata tablet press serviced by Elizabeth.
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The Hata CVX series tablet press offers you all the features you need in both medium single-sided and large double-sided tablet presses. Our patented 2-stage feeding system virtually eliminates tablet weight variation! Granulation is metered through primary and secondary supply hoppers delivering a controlled flow of granulation to the closed, non-recirculating feed shoe resulting in minimal variation in tablet weights.

For more information, view our online CVX Interchangeable Turret Tablet Press brochure or download the PDF below.
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The Hata CVX range of interchangeable turret tablet press is extended by virtue of both bi-layer and tri-layer capabilities on the same press. A patented sealed feed frame system, which includes special vacuum ports in front of each feed shoe, eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and ensures ultra-clean tablet layer demarcation. CVX multi-layer presses can quickly be converted between single, bi-layer, and tri-layer configurations without sacrifice to product speed and tablet quality.

For more detailed information, download the CVX Multi-Layer Tablet Press product brochure
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