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Increase your tablet output with multiple tip tablet tools from Elizabeth! With over 60 years of tooling experience, Elizabeth has the expertise and the technology creating enhanced tooling designs utilizing multiple tips for increased output which result in long term cost savings.

Multi-tip tools allow you to produce at a minimum - DOUBLE your normal output in the same amount of time for your current run! Depending upon the tablet size and the number of tips that can be used on one tool, you can increase your output substantially over your normal output.

This equals not only a COST SAVINGS but also a PRODUCTION TIME SAVINGS!

On a cost per tablet formula multi-tip tools are the best way to utilize your tablet press and to maximize your tooling budget. While the initial tool set cost is more, factored against the tablet output, it is a clear savings. And don't forget - you are using the same press, the same people, the same production room, and the same amount of time to produce more tablets - at least double the amount of tablets!
Need An Answer?
The Elizabeth design team will work with you on your specific tableted product to determine if multi-tip tools can work for you. First, from a dimensional standpoint, if you can fit more than one tablet on the top of your tools then multi-tip tooling may be a viable option. Often times a change to a larger press (and tool size) can provide more possibilities for a multi-tip solution.

Elizabeth engineers have extensive experience solving the potential issues involved in designing multi-tip tooling. Important factors we must together consider are your granulation formula and the required tonnage, both of which are crucial for determining whether your product can be run in a multi-tip setup.