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Dependable Punches and Dies & Service Excellence

Our compression tooling design, engineering, customer service, manufacturing and quality assurance departments are unequaled in the industry. Custom CAD/CAM systems decrease engineering and production time to allow for perfect repeatability and interchangeability of even the most complex compression punches and dies. The latest advanced equipment permits our experienced engineers, designers and machinists to constantly achieve higher quality and delivery standards. From prompt replies to solving sophisticated tablet production challenges, The Elizabeth Companies assure complete customer satisfaction.

High Precision, Superior Quality Punches and Dies Engineered for a Wide Range of Powder Compression Industries

Our punch and die tooling serve many companies in the Pharmaceutical, Catalysts, Nutritional, Munitions, Battery, Detergents, Inflation Systems, Propellants, Confectionary industry, and more!

Global Footprint in Compression Tooling  

Elizabeth has manufacturing centers in America, Europe and Asia with state of the art technology and machinery including a network of experienced compression tooling and technical sales staff.

Innovative Carbide Punches and Dies Products

Our carbide punches and dies are produced from the highest quality tool steels, tungsten carbide and ceramic from the world’s finest suppliers. Our pioneering Triple-E Interchangeable tooling greatly decreases press set-up time and chances for error. Our ELIZATAB tablet simulation provides fast, economical tablet prototyping and our multi-tip / multi-cavity die technologies can increase production output on existing tablet presses.

Quality Compression Tooling Service

Elizabeth’s stringent quality assurance requirements with complete inspection reports are provided with all punches and dies. Our dynamic force analysis (FEA) is used to provide optimum designs for efficient tablet production. We anticipate and avoid customer problems with detailed pre-order compression tooling analysis by our experienced customer service and technical team. This is why, “We do not simply take orders; we help our customers make good decisions.”

The Elizabeth Companies understand all aspects of the tableting process because we have dedicated ourselves to providing world-class quality punches and dies and machinery to the Pharmaceutical industry for more than 65 years. We strive to achieve an unequaled level of customer service, satisfaction, communication and trust with our customers. Our advanced compression tooling technology is the result of identifying our customers’ needs and creating cost-effective solutions.

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