Replacement Parts, New Turrets and Repair Services Brochure

Replacement Parts for Tablet Press Equipment and
Capsule Machines

Elizabeth Companies has thousands of tablet press parts in stock for capsule machines and all major tablet press models including Bosch, Cadmach, Colton, Courtoy, Fette, Kikusui, Kilian, Korsch, Manesty, Stokes and Zanasi. Our tablet press equipment and parts are priced considerably less cost than OEM pricing. We engineer part duplications from OEM samples, many with upgraded materials for extended wear. We offer coating options of Nickel Plating, Teflon, Titanium Nitride and others. All of our parts meet or exceed industry standards and specifications. We even carry replacement parts such as tablet press scrapers, tablet press cam tracks and tablet press feeder pans. Our Elizabeth Express Next-Day Delivery on in-stock items will get you the tablet press replacement part you need quickly. Our on-site professional installation of turrets and parts is also available.

We now manufacture capsule machine parts that are engineered to your specifications. We will meet or exceed capsule machine part OEM tolerances and have many stocked capsule machine parts and items.

The Elizabeth Online tablet press parts catalog includes more than 3,500 tablet press part images to help customers with replacement parts identification. Prompt quotes with our rapid online quoting system will help you facilitate the tablet press replacement parts you need quickly. Find all of your tablet press parts at our Online Parts Catalog.

Replacement Tablet Press Turrets

Elizabeth is committed to be the leader in new replacement tablet turrets with more than 275 new tablet press turret models available. Our three-piece modular turrets allow quick repair, cost much less than OEM turrets and add years of productivity to your press. You can rely on our new replacement turrets to meet or exceed your OEM tolerances. All of our tablet press turrets include a certified CMM inspection report. We have stainless steel and wear plate die table options for your special opertation needs. Elizabeth's professional and experienced on-site installation of turrets and parts available. Visit our Tablet Press Turrets page for more information.

Tablet Press Turret Repair

Elizabeth's tablet press turret repair and evaluation services have an industry-leading turnaround. Our company, engineers and field maintenance representatives have extensive experience working with turrets. Our innovative sectional turret head assemblies allow quick repair, cost much less than OEM turrets and add years of productivity to your press. Our free turret inspection report come attached with all quotes. Our stainless steel die table with wear plate and coating upgrades are available to extend your turret life. And as always our on-site installation of turrets and parts is available. Visit our Tablet Press Turret Refurbishment page for more information.

Tablet Press Rebuild Services

We provide new and rebuilt tablet presses. Elizabeth's knowledgeable technicians have thousands of hours of experience building and rebuilding a variety of presses. We offer complete press disassembly, inspection and replacement of worn parts to original specs for a reliable rebuild. We provide a complete, detailed client inspection and approval process. On-site installation of turrets, parts and presses and on-site tablet press training services are available. For more information visit our Tablet Press Refurbishment page.

Global service support with New Tablet Press Replacement Parts, New Tablet Press Turrets, Tablet Turret Repair and New & Rebuilt Tablet Presses.

We have the dependable performance & service excellence you need. Our engineering, customer service, manufacturing and quality assurance has enabled us to provide the industry-leading turret turnaround and the largest selection of high precision tablet press replacement parts to fit capsule machines and most tablet press models for companies worldwide. Our 100 years of experience has enabled us to assemble quick, cost-effective tablet press solutions that minimize your downtime and maximize your productivity. Elizabeth assures complete customer satisfaction.