Elizabeth Companies provides quality tablet press, compression tooling, wear parts and specialty components to many industries throughout the world. We strive to achieve an unequalled level of customer service, satisfaction, communication and trust with our customers.
Pharmaceutical and Nutritional >
Providing world-class quality tooling and machinery to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 50 years.
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Battery - Alkaline Cells >
Engineered core-rod tooling and long-lasting ceramic lined dies.
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Energy and Power >
The highest-quality tungsten carbide, tool steels, ceramic wear parts, and M.W.D. components for corrosive and abrasive applications.
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Metal Forming and Stamping >
Specialty stamping, punches and dies manufactured from the highest grade carbide and tool steels to ensure relentless reliability.
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Confectionary >
Providing new or refurbishment of your current machinery with standard or complex tooling options.
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Munitions & Powdered Metals >
Highest quality, custom presses and tooling, manufactured to your specifications.
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Chemicals and Catalysts >
Advanced press and tooling designs specifically engineered for chemical and detergent tablet production.
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Textile >
Highest-quality carbide tipped feed dogs, presser feeds, solid carbide and carbide tipped knives and wear parts.
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Automotive >
Press and tooling engineered to provide efficient production of specialty inflation and propellant parts.
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